Garden of Mekong
Diversity of Healthy Life
Udon Thani, Isaan Spirit (Kwan)

Diversity of Life: People, Water, and Plants is Udon Thani International Horticultural Expo 2026 theme

The abundant natural resources in Udon Thani have embraced humans and nature for thousands of years. It establishes the civilisations, cultures, traditions, and ways of life that are the most delicate and exquisite in the Southeast Asia region. Evidence can be seen in the remnants of the Baan Chiang civilisation that exhibited the technological glory and beliefs of the land in the past.

For thousands of years, the people of Baan Chiang and Southeast Asia believed life consisted of ‘Ming’ and ‘Kwan’. ‘Ming’ is the body, and ‘Kwan’ represents the human spirit. When someone dies, a ceremony is held where the coil illustration is drawn on the pottery to recall the ‘Kwan’ (spirit) of the deceased back to their body.

With this extraordinary local belief, the Expo intends to recall the ‘Kwan’ (spirit) back to Nong Dae, Udon Thani and to restore the wetlands at the heart of Udon Thani. Besides, it aims to develop the Green City with the cooperation of local people and visitors. Consequently, it will create a balance in the economy, society, and ecology towards a sustainable future.

Wetland Restoration

The diagram shows the embankment adjustment after the Nong Dae development idea to restore the area back to being the city catchment area.

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