Idea and Vision


The key concept of this expo is “Diversity of Life” and to build upon the abundance offered by biodiversity of the wetlands to create a sustainable future according to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). People, Water, and Plants are the three components that are deeply intertwined with each other, and without the first, the latter two may not ever survive. Udon Thani and its people have a deep connection with the fertile land enriched by the river, which has created biodiversity both in nature and humans


For thousands of years, the abundant land of northeastern Thailand has attracted people of all cultures, creating a diversity of people alongside the biodiversity of the land. Udon Thani, itself, has always served as the centre of abundance and civilisation of this region. The diversity of its nature and people has established the city as a trade centre and border city of Thailand to the GMS since the 20th century until the present day, attracting people of all cultures and languages and leading to investment and growth on various platforms.

Expo 2026 will highlight the significance of water in political, social, cultural, and ecological aspects, in order to both preserve and utilise this precious resource to build a sustainable life and smart society where biodiverse plants and culturally diverse people may live in harmony and abundance, with water serving as a bridge and pathways. Udon Thani would inspire the world on how sustainability and balance can create harmony and abundance to be shared with the world in the modern era, where issues of scarcity become increasingly prominent.


As a leader of the GMS, Udon Thani recognises the significance of the Mekong to all life, human and natural, along its shoreline. Thus, Udon Thani aims to highlight the importance of resource sharing in a world where natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce in order to save the future. Expo 2026 will showcase the delicate balance and strong benefits of wetland biodiversity and will offer learning platforms for the world to exchange horticultural knowledge through its diverse exhibitions of wetland plants, tropical herbal medicine, rare plants, and myriad local and international flora and fauna, including horticultural technology and innovations that both develop and sustain nature. We can pave our ways towards green future by optimising the resources this fertile land offers and combining them with the vision of a new generation, technology can be integrated to redefine and develop existing abundant resources to maintain and grow towards a sustainable future. Together, the old and new generations, the past and the future, and nature and humans can overcome these challenges. Udon Thani aims to grow as one of the Sustainable Cities under the growth-share matrix or Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy Model with UNSDGs through precision agriculture and green living. This expo would serve as a platform and testament of the harmony of diversity, where we make a stand together and step towards a brighter and greener future.

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