The concept of “Life” has long been etched deep in this ancient land of Northeastern Thailand where Udon Thani lies. Since ancient times, the local people believe in “Kwan”, an auspicious essence that represents something kindred to the spirit which resides in all things from human, animal, plants, to object. Kwan is the vital component of life that ties all things on earth together. This concept is celebrated via the act of wrist tying in “Bai Sri Su Kwan” or “Kwan Welcoming Ceremonies”, a local tradition that has long been an integral part of people’s way of life, representing the bond and celebrating the harmonious existenceof this diverse earth.

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Diversity of Life


The theme of Expo 2026 is derived from the harmony and balance of humans and nature, with people, water, and plants being the three key pillars showcasing the interdependence of nature as indicated through Udon Thani’s unique characteristics of nature

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National Partners

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